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At sixteen my looks on the varsity cheer squad caught the attention of Ryan Anderson, the senior football star.
My blonde curly hair, blue eyes, and slender body was any guy’s dream.
I knew Ryan for years, his dad was my dad’s best friend. Sergeq119 sensation bot chat in urdu.
Ryan and I hadn’t talked much in the last few years, but we saw each other at school and on the field a lot.
I admired his looks from the distance as well, his strong muscular arms, his blue eyes, and his shaggy dirty blonde hair. Visecret exhibitionists talk on cyber webcam.
After the first game of the year was over Ryan stopped me.
I was shocked that he stopped me, even more shocked when he asked if I’d be his date for the after party at the local sports bar and eatery.
I was asked if he was serious, and agreed to be his date.

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That night we spent hours talking, catching up and laughing.
At the end of the night he drove me home and walked me to the door.
That weekend we exchanged a ton of text messages and went out to lunch after church on Sunday. Clit glendale dating.
At school we talked between classes and stole a couple kisses.
All the girls were jealous of me, I was a junior and the senior girls thought they should have Ryan, not me.
I never let the other girls get to me. Cum video face cock swallow free naked fuckbook 2018.
As football season came to an end, Ryan and I started talking about the upcoming hunting trip.
This was my first year going, my dad wanted me to be sixteen before I went on a week long trip.
Ryan, his four brothers and both our dads had gone once a year for the last four or five years, and I was looking forward to joining them. Lilirouse webcams sexygirls.
The day of the trip finally came, my dad and I drove over to the Anderson home, once there we all divided up into three cars to start the long drive to the cabin.

Ryan and I drove together talking about how fun the trip would be. Extreme see thur bikinis.
I asked him questions about what to expect.
When we finally got to the cabin everyone else was already there and settled in.
I had my own room upstairs, our dads took the downstairs bedroom with the two queen beds, and Ryan and his brothers had to share the upstairs bedroom with four twin beds and a window bench that doubled as a bed. Milf thick ass booty shorts.
Ryan’s brothers had all taken beds leaving him the window bench.
Our dads had told us that as long as the door was open, Ryan could sleep in my room.
That night we all retired to our rooms early.

Ryan and I knew everyone was asleep, but we were still awake talking and doing school work. Actors without facial surgeries.
I saw the bulge in his boxers, he saw my stares.
I was a bit embarrassed when I realized he caught me.
He knew I was a virgin, and I knew he was not.
Ryan was letting me choose the pace of our relationship, but tonight he took charge. Who is dating erin andrews.
He laid me down on the bed, my short nightgown raising to expose my white undies with pink bows on the side.
He leaned up rubbing himself on me, kissing my lips.
I knew what was about happen, and I couldn’t be happier. Bbw porn domination.
As he kissed my neck I whispered, “I love you.
” He asked me if I wanted go further or if he was going to far, I told him I was ready to go all the way.
He got off the bed and gently shut the door, leaving it cracked slightly so no one could say it was shut. Mature webcam strip.

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