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Too much! I blasted into the air, my semen raining down across the expanse of Corrine’s outstanding cleavage.
Amy leaned down and licked it off, holding my gaze the entire time, knowing full well how much I would appreciate the image of her licking Corrine’s breasts. Vince voyer gay film.
Daringly, she even slipped her tongue across one of Corry’s painfully aroused nipples, provoking a shriek of pleasure.
“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” Elizabeth laughed.
“Come here, Corry,” I said, slipping back down into the rejuvenating water. Free date sitesfree date sites for women.
“It’s your turn.
” She reclined against me, light-headed with desire.
My over-worked cock, still half hard, nestled pleasantly between her ass cheeks.
I whispered into the my friend’s ear, “Just relax and enjoy. Von miller dating rihanna.
” Gently, I placed one hand between her legs and began rubbing.
With my other, I lazily lifted and caressed her magnificent breasts, still in awe of them.
I felt her head fall back into my shoulder and she closed her eyes, luxuriating in the attention.

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Once her eyes were closed, I looked to Elizabeth and Amy, still up for some fun, and nodded towards Corrine’s tits, jutting up above the water.
They were both a bit hesitant at first, but Amy and Elizabeth’s natural competitiveness with one another won out in the end. Cum on my mom porn.
Neither girl would be outdone by the other.
After only a moment, both beauties leaned down to Corrine’s breasts and sucked on her delicious nipples.
Corrine sat bolt upright in surprise, but once she realized what was going on she just let herself relax back against me, purring about how good it felt. Sensualvicci camsex dowloand for androin.
I knew it wasn’t just the physical stimulation, either.
It was the affirmation that her friends still loved her; that we all cared about her and wanted her in our lives.
That we had forgiven her for the way she had behaved. Green dating online.
Corrine’s breaths grew short and weak.
Her hips wriggled against my hand, inadvertently rubbing her butt against my cock.

I increased the speed of my fingers, squeezing my palm against her clit.
Amy and Elizabeth sucked hard, pulling Corry’s nipples with their lips… “I love you guys,” she moaned, then came. Shreveport nude women.
Her climax was quiet and quick, but beautiful to watch.
As soon as she finished, I felt the whole of Corrine’s body go slack atop me.
She kissed me in gratitude, then surprised us by kissing Amy and Liz right after. Pre shaved beret.
We all laughed about it.
It was a perfect ending to a long, confusing day.
We dried off and went to sleep, scooting the two queen-sized beds together to make one gigantic bed so that the four of us could snuggle. Dating blue ridge southern pottery.
I’m pretty sure I got the best part of that arrangement.

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