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Our driveway is long enough for three cars, which is good as Pat, Sara and I all have our own car.
Typically Sara’s car is almost always the closest to our back door and I thought that I would be shielded by Pat’s and my car as I washed her car in the nude. Sandra bulock nude gif.
I was wrong! Sara took the car keys and maneuvered all the cars so that her car was right at the end of our driveway and although it would be unlikely that passing traffic from the road that connects to ours would be able to see me there was always a possibility. Horny bitches dallas.
I would however be on full display to everyone that was on our street.
But what if Nicky comes out? I asked.
Then she will see you naked, Sara smiled, and make sure that you don’t get any erections or there will be more forfeits. Fanny fox.

My dick was already hard.
I was so excited but nervous at the same time, I was hoping that Nicky did come out and saw me washing the car in the nude.
Have I really got to wash your car in the nude? I asked. Anal streaming swallow.
Yes, naked, you know the rules, Sara replied with a smile, you must be naked and no erections! I took the sponge and cleaning stuff and walked naked to her car.
I was looking around to make sure that nobody was around. Tante girang sexy.
I unrolled the garden hose and started to wash Sara’s car in the nude.
Sara sat on a chair on our front porch and was taking photographs of me naked while I washed her car.
It was about fifteen minutes later that I heard the all familiar beep of a car alarm being turned off and I froze on the spot. Excercises to increase sexual stamina.
I looked down at Nicky’s driveway and saw her getting into her car.
Sara had heard it as well and called out to me, Don’t stop, carry on my cuck.

Nicky is getting in her car, I shouted.
Then she will see my cuck naked, Sara shouted back, this is your forfeit and you must stay naked. Femme mature anal.
I heard Nicky’s BMW start up and she backed out of her driveway, I slowly moved around the front of Sara’s car to hide my dick and embarrassment.
Nicky stopped at our driveway and called out.
Morning Malc. Looking thick top.
I looked and gingerly called back, Good morning Nicky.
Nicky always stuck me as a fun loving girl, she has a good job and always looks good, she is about twenty pounds heavier than Sara but she still has a great figure, she has short black hair and beautiful brown eyes and as I said, she is quite attractive, her job prevents her from having much time for relationships.

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I could feel my dick start to stiffen as she said, It’s a great day for car washing.
I smiled and checked to make sure that only the top of my body was on view to her and replied, Yes it is.
Nicky smiled and said, I know that I probably shouldn’t ask but, she pulled her sunglasses up and continued, are you naked? Flirt love dating. I was shaking as I answered, Yes, I’m sorry; I didn’t know that you would see me.
Nicky gave a huge grin and replied, Don’t be sorry, I like what I saw, I only saw your cute little naked butt, she continued, I may just stop here while you continue, please be naked out here as often as you like. Girls who want pussy in connecticut tn.
Sara had joined us and said, Good morning Nicky, she continued, I’m sorry it is my fault, I wanted to take some photographs of him completing his forfeit, she finished with, he has to wash my car in the nude for his punishment. Brittany burke lesbian.

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