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My cock twitched and I quickly grabbed it at the base.
I had to grip it really hard to gain control of my emotions and wait for the reflex spasm to pass and I let out a long groan of relief that had Angie, Ruth, and Sharon peeking at me over their shoulders.
“Are you alright?” asked Angie with a look of mischief on her face.

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All three of them knew what was up and teased me further by wriggling their backsides in my face.
Oh heck.
I gripped my stiff pecker harder until I could breathe a little easier. Cum on paris hilton.
I took a deep breath and blew out my cheeks, “Now that isn’t fair, ladies,” I scolded them, “You need to decide what we’re going to do next or I’ll go off again.
” They had a little whispering session between them. 3reason chat live cam to cam with hos for free.

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