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She looked at herself in the mirror wondering what anyone, let alone this man, saw in her then closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and walked back out, keeping her eyes down.
She crossed the room to where he sat reading and knelt beside him with her hands in her lap. Ballistic penetration in cement.
He set down the book and kissed her on the top of the head.
“Very good, my little sweet one.
Kneeling beside me is how I want you whenever you haven’t been given any other command.
We need to adjust your position a bit though.
” He instructed her in what he called the default position: kneeling, on her toes, resting her weight on her heels, knees spread shoulder width apart, hands behind her back, her right hand holding her left wrist. Adult twins rivalry.
He told her that, as she progressed, the position would be adjusted to a more advanced and difficult one.

He asked her to move to the center of the room.
She began to stand but he stopped her.
“No, on your knees with your hands behind you, my little sweet one. Full length twink masturbation videos.
You are never to stand or walk without explicit direction to do so.
Is that understood, my little sweet one?” She nodded.
Say it.
” “Yes, Sir,” she replied, louder than she had intended, purposefully making sure the capital letter could be heard clearly. Mature meeting cyber sex site.
He began to lead her through a series of positions, each with a name and very specific instructions.
Every one followed by encouragement and praise.
At one point, he opened a drawer and she felt something touch her.

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In a moment, she could see it was a crop.
At first, she was afraid she had failed him already and she was to be beaten but he only used it to guide her body into the absolutely perfect positions.
With her eyes down, she couldn’t see the clock but it seemed like hours that they worked on them. Bondsmit7 chat roomporn.
It got to the point where he would say a position’s name and she would shift into it without having to think and, soon after that, he no longer needed to adjust her.
“I knew you would be a natural, my little sweet one,” he said as he leaned down and kissed her forehead. Lottamars incest webbcam.
She could feel herself blush, not just her face but her entire body.

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