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With my other hand I placed two fingers on my clit and began circling.
The orgasm rising in my body made me rub faster and finger fuck myself harder.
I slid two more fingers into my hole and within no time brought my body to climax. Mature 76059 bbw for blk male.
I brought my fingers to my mouth, sucking and licking all my sweet juices.
As I laid back on the float I let out a sigh and I wondered if Mr.
Harmon had gotten off as well.
I slid off the float and swam over to the ladder. Sweetteenxd free sexy hot chat without registration.
I got out of the pool and grabbed my towel.
I placed the towel at the edge of the pool and laid face down, I quickly drifted off.
I couldn’t have been out long when I felt someone standing over me.
I turned my head to see Evan, our sexy next door neighbor standing over me.
“Evan?” I squinted and asked.
“Enjoying the day?” he said as he sat down at the edge of the pool by my head.
“It’s been good so far,” I replied.
“How’s your day going?” Totally aware of the fact that I was still nude, I raised up on my forearms exposing my breast to him.
“Gettin’ better by the minute.
” He said as he shot a glance at my breasts.
“I couldn’t help but watch the show you put on earlier.
” Was he referring to my floating masturbation? “What do you mean?” I asked, playing dumb.
“You’re little one woman party on your float over there,” he stated pointing at the float still floating around the pool.
“Looked intense.
” He smiled coyly.
“Didn’t know I had an audience,” I rolled over onto my back, exposing myself to him.
“Did you enjoy it?” He began rubbing his cock through his shorts.
“You could say I that.
” His eyes drank in my body.

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He hoped down of the edge and into the pool.
He stood beside me and ran his hand up my leg.
I sat up, dangling my legs into the water.
Evan positioned himself between my legs and placed his hands on my thighs.
“You know I’ve always wanted to kiss you,” he told me rubbing his hands on my thighs.
“You have?” I teased.
“Mmm-hmm, I have.
” He moved closer, his hands circling back grabbing my ass. Stylez in latex bondage.
He licked his lips, I took my finger and swept his wavy black hair away from his eyes.

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