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But they wouldn’t bother separating again, instead just going back and forth between betrayals and reconciliations for years, and then for decades.
In their way, they’d still love each other, and maybe even feel closer for all the hurt they caused, because they’d understand one another in a way no one else could.

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But they’d never learn anything.
Mia would care less and less about herself and more and more about her work, using her oddball marriage as a crutch to pretend she wasn’t neglecting that part of her life. Beloit women that want to fuck.
Ian would chase progressively younger women, and get into more and more trouble because nobody would respect him enough to intervene.

Eventually Mia would forget about that one, shy guy she met years ago, who had briefly made her want real affection again but whom she’d never called because she didn’t want to hurt him with all her baggage… “Unless you call him now,” Eros whispered in her ear. Mature sexy massage derby indiana.
“Right now.
If you call, he’ll answer.
He’s not brave enough to call on his own, but if you call first he’ll definitely pick up.

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