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“We’ll see about that, young man,” she said forcefully as she gripped his elbow and pulled him to the dining room, “after you’ve had a trip across my lap!” She pulled and he followed her into the dining room where she convincingly pulled out a dining room chair, sat down and tugged him over her lap. Club sex central african republic lancy.

She did not hesitate a moment and began to swat is trouser covered bottom with gusto.
For his part, the swats barely hurt at all, but Ed played along and squirmed and kicked as he repeatedly said how sorry he was and how he would never bother the secretaries in the office again. Pornstar vlog.
“This won’t do at all,” Phyllis announced as she stopped the spanking.

“Stand up!” Quickly, Ed got to his feet and watched as Phyllis put hands on hips again, though she was still seated, pursed her lips and told him, “Your actions humiliated a number of young ladies in the office, Ed. Milf asain lesbeians.
I think a little humiliation is in order for you.
Take your pants and underpants down and lower them all the way to your knees!” “But,” he didn’t even get the full protest out before her hands reached out to do it for him. Pantyhose two tone fame.

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