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From here we were going to switch our supplies to the boat and head up-river in the morning.
After we set up our tiny pup tents, I told Dr.
Higgins that I wanted to bathe in the river to get this nasty itching dust off of me. Chatroulette arba wab cam.
He knew that the river was a breeding ground for snakes and alligators and he advised me not to go, but I insisted that I couldn’t go another day with this dirt scratching at my skin.
So he sent one of the African helpers to guard over me while I bathed. Woman arrested driving wathcing porn.
The tall muscular man with feet made of leather followed me down the path that led to the river.
He spoke enough English to understand when I was ready to undress and asked him to turn around.
I quickly undressed and the moment I stepped into the chest-deep river I felt instant relief in the cool soft flow of the river current.

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I dipped in all the way, washing the dust out of my hair.
During my rinse I noticed something coming towards me on the surface of the water.
I discovered it was an alligator as the beastly creature continued in my direction. Streaming video of between the tits.
“Fuck!” I screamed and swam full speed toward the bank.
The helper jumped up and ran into the water, grabbing me and pulling me up onto the bank before the beastly gator was able to have me for dinner.
I desperately hugged him for saving my life, not caring that I was naked and dripping wet. Blackexplosiv sex chat online no register.
He smiled and ran his hands down my back, pulling me closer to him.

In the crazy confusion of the moment, he pulled me with him further from the river and behind the bushes.
He laid me onto a small patch of wild grass and came down with me, pulling off his shorts as he did. Katie holmes photos nude.
It didn’t matter if he was black or white, he was my hero at the moment and I spread my legs to show him my gratitude.
In a flash he was on top of me, guiding his cock into my pussy.
He had a rather large cock and I took it quite well. Spelboundem1 sexy moms live.
It didn’t take him long to unload and he left himself inside me when he did.
“Please, don’t tell anyone about this, especially Dr.
Higgins,” I said to him after we dressed.
When we got back to the campsite, the men had everything set up, including a campfire to ward off any wild animals that might pass by. Cute skinny twink gets fucked.

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