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Millie stepped out of her pants and kicked them over to the shirts on the floor.
Afterward, she reached down to the belt buckle around his waist and unhooked it.
She saw the huge bulge in his pants and she knew she was about to release it. Just looking for sex.
In the same manner that William did, Millie did also.

He stood so she could get them off of him easier and when she pulled down, his hard penis came out and bounced with its heavy weight and stood at attention. Eyes wise shut style orgy.
It was ready.
Now they both stood naked and embraced yet again.
William leaned down to kiss her and she let him.
His lips felt wonderful on hers.
She wrapped her arms around him and dug her nails into his back slightly.

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As she did, she felt his cock jump and the head of it touch her sexual entrance.
It knew right where it wanted to be.
As the head of his hardness massaged her sensual slit, yearning to be inside, she felt the wetness pour from her insides again. Mobile phone camera nude pictures.
She was ready.
William turned her slowly and aimed her right for the bed.
Millie felt her back fall into her sheets.

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