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He was gentle as a lamb—usually.
That was one of his strongest assets.
I entered the pen, as I had a million times before, to pet him and perhaps offer a treat.
He was much livelier than usual and I suddenly remembered my lack of covering as he bumped me none too gently and started nosing my lower regions. Britney spears mom nude.
Then I remembered that we had one ewe that had come in season a month and early.
That’s why he was so agitated.
Now he was sniffing the area of my recent attentions.
Already half excited when I entered the pen, I almost came when his long, raspy tongue snaked out to probe roughly between my legs. Bing deepthroat blowjob movies clips.
But he quickly became more insistent and despite my curiosity, I decided it was time to bail.
The enclosure was a waist-high “fence” of smooth horizontal poles.
Stepping on the bottom pole, I was just swinging a leg over the top pole when I felt his nuzzle slip between my legs, stopping me in mid motion. Burnsville nc chatroo.
His tongue immediately took up where it had left off before.

But in this position — with my back toward him, my fanny jutting out at a preposterous angle, and my legs wide apart — his tongue had a clear path from one end of my sex to the other. Uncut male oral sex.
Tracing its way along the now thoroughly wet crevice, it seemed to linger deliciously between my cheeks.
Between his direct stimulation and the excitement from my sense of flirting with danger, I could feel my climax building rapidly. Sexy adult betty boop pics.
It was clear to me by now that Julio was not sexually aroused by my smell, only mildly interested.
Maybe my love juice tasted salty to him.
But in my new position, it was easy to imagine him trying to mound me like a ewe. Post op tranny photos.
That was the “threat” I was entertaining with mounting intensity when I was jarred by a brilliant flash, followed almost instantly by an ear-shattering thunder clap.
The lights flickered once and were gone. Shooting range in rancho cucamonga.

Already skittish from the storm, Julio, with his muzzle jammed between my legs, jerked so hard when the thunder boomed that he lifted my hind-end clear off the floor.
I lunged forward, between the partition poles, to escape my “fate worse than death. Need to loose vcard asap.
” Of course, by the time I had climbed to “safety,” Julio was at the far end of the pen, ignoring me completely.
Even though the danger on which I was building was all in my head, the adrenaline charging through my body was entirely real. Ebony nude black nd white art.
So, with my heart hammering my excitement right behind my throbbing nipples, I decided to finish up with a frontal assault: “Hand to cunt combat,” I thought to myself, feeling wonderfully wicked.
And to add the last bit of spice, I imagined my captors were about to tie me in the pen, leaving me not only utterly and lewdly exposed, but also helpless to prevent myself being ravaged by the slavering beast.
(Sorry, Julio!) I retrieved a length of board leaning by the doorway and placed it across the poles forming the corner of the pen in the center of the room. German casting hd.

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