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It’s about one third collapsed.
I expect him to cutaway and deploy his reserve chute, but he keeps trying to clear it.
I start to worry that I’ll soon see my first bounce when people start saying “Cutaway, cutaway.
” Suddenly, the chute shape changes to rectangular and everybody breathes a sigh of relief.

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Some of them mutter, “hotdog,” with a tinge of disgust in their tone.
“He waited too long.
His reserve might not have opened from that altitude.
He should have cutaway instead of trying to clear that mal. Fat redhead slut.
Not safe.
He’ll probably get a warning from the owner.
Too many of those and he won’t get any rides.
” The divers all cluster together for their post-dive and they seem pretty exuberant, but I watch as they chide Faceplant, the guy who got to the ground too soon, but almost way too soon.

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He doesn’t argue.
He apologizes.
Debbi tells me that he knows he has to patch his rep now.
His close call took some of the joy out of the jump.
They finish the post-dive and the owner of the school talks with him while Sensei and the others walk to the packing area. Secret feet cum.

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