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” A few minutes later, we were headed topside and the outdoor sitting area.
One of the crew, who was introduced as Lola, greeted us with a couple of mimosas and asked what we would like for breakfast. Birthday scenario game.
After deciding what we wanted to eat, Lola headed to the galley to give the cook our selections.

I stood up and walked to the railing.
I looked around and all I saw in every direction was deep blue sea.
The skies were also a deep blue with puffy white clouds. Cum covered black tits.
The sails were billowing in the wind and the bow was cutting though the water at a fast clip.
The weather was perfect, though sunscreen was going to be a must.
Linda called to say breakfast had arrived.

I went back into the sitting area and removed my sunglasses. Lyna latina fucked.
A plate of migas and a bowl of fresh fruit was set in front of each chair.
Another mimosa was also on the table in front of my seat.
After finishing, we decided to work on our tan lines for awhile.
When we got closer to our destination, she was sure I would want to get out my camera. Young russian threesome.

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