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He was the kind of guy that would want to stay home on weekends and watch reruns of “Law and Order” on TV.
She was the kind of girl that you could take to a bar to drink beer and watch the game.
She was very athletic, and I think that made me even more attracted to her. Chat sex or fee.
I couldn’t help but stare whenever she came back from the gym in her little sports bra, glistening with sweat.
I knew she noticed me checking her out, but she never said anything.
One night the two of us were sitting around watching TV, when Jackie suggested we open a bottle of wine that she had been saving since Christmas. Dating sites for white people.
I wasn’t much of a wine drinker, but I accepted out of courtesy.
After a few glasses, the topic of conversation turned to sex, as it often does when alcohol is involved.

We shared a few past experiences, although Jackie was doing most of the asking.
“So, Jackie,” I said, taking another sip of wine.
“What is your wildest fantasy?” She let out a laugh.
“Wildest fantasy??” she asked.
“What kind of question is that?” “Come on.
” I replied.
“You have to have something buried deep down inside that you want to let out. Kikesexys need to chat with sexy pornstars.
Let’s hear it.
” “Well.
there is one thing.
” I sat patiently waiting.
“No!” she said finally.
“I can’t say.
It’s embarrassing!” “Oh, come on! How bad can it be? Believe me.
If it’s that dirty, I’ve probably done it.
” Jackie let out a laugh and refilled her wine glass. Ms dunreith indiana looking 4 mr right.
I was staring at her.
The alcohol was starring to get to me and she was looking better and better.
She was only wearing a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt, but somehow, she still looked sexy.
“Okay!” she said finally.
“You’ll probably just badger me until I tell you anyway, so I might as well just say it.
” “Well,” I said, “I’m waiting.
” “I.

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I want to try it.
you know.
From behind.
” “You mean doggie style?? That’s your big fantasy?” “No!” She cut me off.
“In the other place.
You know.
The back door.
” My dick went hard almost instantly.
I was speechless.
“Really?” I stammered. Makeyoumoan52 sex free online vidoe.
Usually I had to beg girls into letting me do them in the ass, and here was one that actually wanted it! “Yep.
” Jackie was blushing a deep shade of red.
Why don’t you do it? I asked.
She took another large swig of wine.
“Jonathan thinks it’s gross.
” “That figures,” I muttered under my breath.
“Every time it gets mentioned he rants about how perverted it is.
” “Well that’s the point!” I said with a grin.
“Have you done it?” she asked.
“Oh yeah.

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I love it.
I’d fuck every girl in the ass if I could.
” “Really?” “Yes.
” “So you must be pretty good at it then huh?” I was surprised at how curious she was.
“I guess so.
” “Does it hurt?” “Sometimes.
If you go too fast, or if you don’t use enough lube.
” “Well, aren’t you just the anal sex expert!” Jackie said sarcastically.
“I do what I can,” I replied with a smile, before draining the last of my wine.
“So if you ever need a lesson.
” “You perv!” she said, punching me in the shoulder.
“Hey,” I replied.
“You’re the one that wants a dick in your ass. Anaisnaughty free sexs.
Not me.
” We both had a bit of laugh, before she put her glass down.
“I think it’s time for bed,” Jackie said, as she stood up.
“Sweet dreams,” I replied as she walked to her room.

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He was the kind of guy that would want to stay home on weekends and watch reruns of “Law and Order” on TV.