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That and now they were into their little game, she wanted it just as much as Scott did.
Again she took his cock in her hand but this time rather than gripping it she moved her head forward and ran her tongue over the swollen head. Fat bikini black women.
Scott gasped and when Erica licked him again he let out a quiet groan, a groan that got louder as she licked him for a third time.

Her plan was to tease him with her tongue for a while longer, but now she had a taste for him, she needed more, a lot more. Mobile sex chat rooms free live private.
The moment her lips made contact with his cock, Erica knew there was going to be no teasing that night.
She took him into her mouth and as she sucked him in deeper the hornier she became.

His cock might have been throbbing in her mouth, but there was also a deep throb between her legs, accompanied by the sensation of her pussy becoming increasingly wet with need. Lil girl nudist photos.
Scott felt thick and swollen in her mouth and as she started moving his cock in and out of her mouth he groaned loudly and his hand clamped down on the back of her head.

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