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You were a little whore, Catherine.
But now you’re mine.
” I rested the flat of my hand on my ass and stroked the burning skin.
“You belong to me, don’t you?” “Danny, I -” I slapped her, the hardest yet, and she sobbed in pain at the unexpected assault.
“You belong to me,” I repeated coldly.
“Don’t you?” “Yes,” she moaned.
“Yes, I belong to you.
” “Good,” I say brightly, and turn away. Female loja nsa.
On the rack by the bed was my pride and joy, a coiled leather whip with a cruel silver barb at the end in the shape of a dragon’s tooth.
I ran my hands over it lovingly, then climbed off the bed and silently uncoiled it. Gangbang movie post.
Whether she was trying to ignore me, or simply fearful of the consequences of angering me, Catherine remained perfectly still.
I run the whip through my hands, feeling it’s powerful weight.
“I am going to whip you now,” I said casually, letting the barb trace a thin red line down Catherine’s back.
“I’m going to whip you three times.

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Each time, I’ll ask you a question.
You will answer my questions honestly, or I will make you pay.
” I stretched casually, and ran my fingers through my hair.
I was in no hurry.
Catherine’s fear was almost palpable, and it tasted sweet. Buruma aoi.
I could keep her like this for as long as I wanted.
The power was intoxicating, the certainty of my sexual dominance over her was a rush unlike any I had ever experienced.
I savoured it for a long moment, then lashed the whip. Salomeandsally live sex cam 4.
The barbed end left a streak of blood across her pink bottom, tearing a neat slice through the black lace of her panties.
“That’s one,” I said casually.
“Are you my slut, Catherine?” “Yes,” she moaned softly, her face pressed into a pillow.

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I lashed out with the whip a second time, the silver tooth tearing open a needle-thin gash across her beautiful ass.
“That’s two.
Are you my whore?” I asked, my tone colder and harder than before.
“Yes, yes,” Catherine replied, her voice thick with pain and humiliation. Yeni rivera sex video.
I raised the whip again, swung it around my head, and brought the solid silver tip down onto her yielding skin.
The blood blossomed forth, and she cried out in sweet agony.
“That’s three,” I observed.
“Are you my big-titted, cum-sucking worthless little fuck-toy?” “Yes, Danny,” she hissed without hesitation.
“I’m your slut, I’m your fucking slut.
” “Good girl,” I whispered, and dropped the whip onto the bed. Online dating sites using userplane.
I pressed my hand down firmly on the back of her neck until her pert ass was high in the air, vulnerable and exposed.

The tattered, blood-smeared remains of her black lace panties hung around her hips. Bonnyguy- hotbird uyda canli seks arama kodu.
The sight ignited a dark fire in me, an overwhelming desire to break this bitch, to make her scream my name even as I robbed her of her last shreds of dignity and self-respect.
I had intended to fuck her, perhaps deposit my sticky wad of jizz into her tight, virgin asshole, but looking at her beautiful, bloody ass, I knew I would not let her off so lightly. Big tits cam girl.
I needed something.
I walked around the rack, considering my options.
Finally, my gaze settled on a double-ended rubber dildo with a grotesquely exaggerated, and luridly detailed, glans.

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