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Even on Thanksgiving, I show up in the morning by taxi.
I explain to them, it’s simply in the shop.
I offered a week ago to take the night shift today, being Thanksgiving, so I could get overtime.
My parents aren’t pleased, but I tell them the money is needed. Incredible10 big penis webcam.
We have a tense lunch, with little conversation.
Neither of my parents is proud of what I do for a living.
They tell me I can do so much more with my life.
This is what I choose to do with my life right now, but neither understand or grasp that it’s what I want to do. Sugar mama speed dating.
After lunch, I ask my father to bring me to work.

He agrees, but this, of course, leads to a lecture.
He goes on about me needing a better car, one that doesn’t always need so much work.
I want to yell at him that I’ve been busting my arse to get a new one. Free galleries tranny cumbath.
I don’t though, I know he’ll just lecture me on that as well.
I bite the bullet, taking the lecture, as I always do.
We arrive at the diner, I scramble out of the car with a quick thanks and head inside. Gabrielle fucking black cock interracial.
It’s fairly quiet, with just a few costumers.
Lydia, the other waitress, smiles at me, as she offers me some coffee.

I smile, slipping off my jacket and heading out back.
When I come back, I fix my coffee to my liking. Adultdatingportal com.
She tells me it has been slow, but should pick up soon.
I’ve never worked on Thanksgiving before, she has and the ones without families usually come in, in the evening.
It takes an hour before the diner begins to fill with mostly just loners. Paddles fetish nyc.
One or two adults bring their kids, a few homeless people also come in.

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