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As he continues to the mark the assignments I try not to stare to obviously at him.
I lick my lips to moisten them as my mouth becomes dry.
After what seems like an endless silence, he takes the papers and places them in a filing cabinet behind his desk, in front of the large window that looks out onto the campus. Briana banks get fucked hard.
Then he looks at me.
“Do you have any idea how serious this is, miss?” “Yes, sir.
” I respond.
“I am your professor.
I could get in a lot of trouble with my superiors if someone overheard your comments.
” “Yes, sir.
” “Well, do you have anything to say?” I think for a moment.
“I think, sir, that we should. Three girls webcam.
examine the issue more closely before we make any.
” “I don’t think you understand the gravity of this situation.

I am within my rights to throw you out of this class and I’m seriously considering doing so.
” I don’t know whether he’s teasing or not. Test_model_3 free flash chat.
Still, the tone of his voice is making my skin tingle.
“Well then, sir, I’d best persuade you otherwise.
” As I say this, I lean over his desk and give him an eyeful of my breasts, encased in a lacy pink bra that matches my underwear.
“Apparently you don’t understand.
” He gets up and walks over to where I’m standing.
“Bend over.
” This, I wasn’t expecting.
“What?” I asked, astonished.
“Obviously you don’t understand how serious this is. Sex ideas for husbands and wives.
You masturbated in class, propositioned your professor, and waltzed into his office wearing a skimpy little outfit, and proceeded to proposition him once again.

To do such a thing you’ve got to be a dirty little slut, and you need to be punished. Older granny sex.
I am going to punish you.
Now bend over.
” He growls the last sentence and his tone brooks no argument.
I’m beginning to feel a bit apprehensive, but I listen.
I bend over the desk.
“That’s better.
Let’s see if you can continue to listen, shall we?” I don’t know whether he’s teasing me or not when I feel his hands on my thighs, sending shivers through my skin. High james lick.
Suddenly, my skirt is being hiked up around my waist and my underwear is yanked down, pooling around my heel-clad feet.

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