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We have the same equipment, so what feels good to you will feel good to me.
” “I didn’t think of it like that,” he said.
“How do you think I knew that I gave you the best blow job you’ve ever had? I simply played with and sucked your cock thinking of what would feel good to me,” I stated. Palestinians milf fucking.
He took my cock in his hand and started stroking it.
Slow at first then speeding up.
He had a nice firm grip.
“That’s it,” I cooed to reassure him that he was doing it well.
“I love watching you play with my cock,” I moaned. Spanking boys art.
The more I talked dirty to him, the more confident he became.
I could sense that he wanted to put it in his mouth but was working up the courage to do so.
Precum was forming on the head of my dick.
He looked down at it. Big boobs twins handjob penis and facial.

I smiled at him, “You are pretty good at this.
” I said.
He leaned down towards my cock and licked the head clean.
He paused for a second.
I nodded my head at him.
“How does it taste?” I asked.
He didn’t answer. Femdom wife panties punishment.
He just kept stroking me.
“Well, there’s more where that came from,” I smiled, staring into his eyes.
Then he just let go of any inhibition holding him back and took my cock into his mouth.
I placed my hand on the back of his head as it bobbed up and down on my cock.
“Oh yeah, that feels so good. Uncle grandpa jokes.
You do that so well,” I moaned.
He was sucking my cock really hard and at a rapid pace.
I wanted to slow him down to make it last longer but it felt so good I didn’t want him to stop.
He had a tight vacuum around my dick and he was not letting up. Homemade first taste of cum gif.
It felt incredible.
“Oh, that’s it! Suck me,” I said as I moved my hips in rhythm with his pace on my cock.

I could feel that I was getting ready to cum if he didn’t stop, so I gave him a warning, “On that feels so good. Asian speeddating nyc.
You’re going to make me cum soon.
” He didn’t stop.
He was actually moaning too as he sucked me.
Then he sent me over the edge.
I could feel my load rising.
“Oh, I’m cumming!” I yelled as final warning, not sure of what he would do next. Boylove2015 www crossdresser video gratis.
But he kept sucking and stroking me.
Then my dick erupted in his mouth.
As it squirted my hot load he swallowed it.
Feeling my cum shoot in his mouth actually encouraged him to keep sucking me.
Oh, it felt amazing! “Do you like feeling my hot cum shoot down your throat?” I moaned as he sucked me dry. Adult carrier wall street journal 08046.

Finally when there was no more cum emerging from my cock, he stopped sucking me and fell back on the couch.
He looked at me, “Oh, fuck, that was hot!” he said.
“Hell yeah, it was!” I reassured him.
I looked at him to see that his cock was hard as a rock, again. Ebony tranny slave.
He saw that I had noticed and he said shyly, “Yeah, I was a little turned on by sucking your cock.
” “Would you like me to take care of it?” I offered.
He looked up at the clock, “Actually, I have someone coming over soon, so I’ll need to have something left,” he laughed. Dude in st. Petersburg florida bitch in the sheets.
I smiled back at him, grabbed my pants and shirt and got dressed.
He excused himself to the bathroom to clean himself up.
A few minutes later the doorbell rang.
I answered the door to see this hot little brunette chick at the doorway.
“Is Philip here?” she asked. Redhead long nipples.
I invited her in and saw Philip emerge from the restroom.

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