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“C’mere, you,” George said pulling Lucia close to him so her head rested in the nook of his strong arm.
He cuddled her softly and stroked her skin with gentle adoration.
“I’m going to put my need inside of you now, my beauty,” George said softly and tenderly. Hot bitch in kilinochchi. Redheads allegra 33yo. I am looking nsa.
“I want you to fuck me hard, George,” Lucia replied.
He circled her navel, feasting his eyes on the beautiful shape she kept her body in.
How he adored women that took good care of themselves.
He licked his finger and absentmindedly circled her navel, focusing on her strong abs. White clitoris porn.
Her body was like an elegant piece of art.
Lucia looked up at him and leaned upward.
She tasted George’s admiration as their tongues circled with gentle abandon.
As they kissed he slid a hand down the length of her sexy curves. Latina arch back.
“Close your eyes,” George whispered.
His strong rough hands took charge massaging her luscious breasts on his way south.
George grabbed Lucia’s lean thigh with a strong grip, then slowly inched his fingers up her thigh to cup her hot little pussy.

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Inserting his thumb in her pussy created a moan and a giggle.
When he followed the move by inserting his middle finger in her tight anus, she started bucking.
He watched her beautiful body ebb and fall with the impulses of his fingers at the helm. Playforlife free mobile chat no registration.
George moved his fingers together like a beak.
Lucia went dizzy from the intense sensations.
He was like the Captain of her body, making her moan on command with the intensity of his movements, like he had been every step of the way. Interracial sex video black and asian.
Now it was time to fuck his dream girl.
George moved over the top of Lucia and put her long legs over his shoulders.
He slowly entered Lucia’s hot, wet, pussy knowing she would feel him very deeply.
George looked at her beautiful body, and met her eyes as he pushed in deeper and deeper every stroke, massaging her breasts and tweaking Lucia’s nipples as he pushed inside her sweetness.

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She greeted each stroke with a power move that left them drifting in a spiral of pleasure.
They fucked and they fucked.
Then they fucked some more.
It was the beginning of a hot romance that lasted a lifetime. Submitted upskirt downblouse videos.
Chapter 7 Elizabeth’s story – Gary takes my virginity Friday: As I had promised Gary last night (Thursday night), I took steps to get contraception for our planned big event; the capture of my virginity by my stepbrother. Fucking japanese lady pussy.
Although I still had serious reservations about doing this, I was committed to keeping my promise and giving myself to Gary as soon as it was ‘safe’.
Midday on Friday I skipped my study hall, lunch and poli-sci class and went to the local planned parenthood clinic to get birth control pills. Bondages whore masturbate cock orgy.

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