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Before long Helen was taking me deep into her mouth and occasionally taking it out so she could run her tongue along the sensitive underside.
As Lisa‘s tongue had an increasing effect on her pussy, Helen’s movements started to become increasingly erratic until she was finding it hard to keep me in her mouth as her hips gyrated uncontrollably around Lisa’s busy head. Catherine mcclements naked.
Helen’s movements became frantic and she was groaning and whimpering as she started to orgasm wildly.
Her body was shuddering and Lisa didn’t relent even as Helen tried to pull away from her mouth as her pussy became too sensitive. Easy bikini top sewing pattern.
Gradually her loud groans subsided into whimpering.
She raised her flushed face to look at mine, my cock in her hand.
She licked it and then said “I need this inside me, brother in law.
” I climbed off the sofa and went to take Lisa’s position behind her. Dating sim for wii.
As I moved round my gorgeous naked wife took hold of my bobbing erection with one hand and parted Helen’s gaping wet pussy with the other.

Helen watched intently over her shoulder as I knelt on the sofa and placed my hands on her pert buttocks as Lisa placed the head of my cock against her glistening labia. Bellalatina21 www wabcamvidoe.
Slowly I pushed and felt her tight pussy walls squeezing me hard as I slid my shaft into her.
Our eyes met as she felt my rigid cock deep within her.
The significance of this moment seemed to heighten the arousal for both of us. Asian beat group competition taiwan.
I withdrew incredibly slowly, enjoying the tight feel, and the sight of Helen’s juices glistening on my cock as it gradually came back into full view.
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Helen gasped and dropped back onto both her elbows.
I started to piston in and out of her slowly and then with gradually increasing speed.
Lisa who had been playing with herself then took the opportunity to slide into a 69 position under Helen, with her head just below where my raging cock was driving in and out of her pussy.

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Lisa then started to alternate between licking Helen’s clit and the underside of my sliding cock as well as stroking my tight scrotum and the sensitive skin behind it.
Helen, who had been momentarily lost in her own pleasure, as I filled her tight snatch, then noticed my wife’s wet pussy needed some attention right under her nose. Small tits thai lick penis on beach.
Lisa had in fact been rotating her hips upwards, offering her gorgeous pouting snatch up to Helen’s mouth, desperate for some attention.
Helen lowered her face and passionately started to make love to Lisa with her beautiful mouth. Green bay wisconsin free pussy.

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