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Do you like this? Hand over the money!” Her face was all squashed up under the stocking, just as it was in my dreams, and she just stood there smiling through the nylon at me, looking really weird and kinky. Online sex chat men men.
And for her that was it, her little joke was over, she put up her hand to take the stocking off, and I remember this as if it was yesterday, not twenty years ago, with a shaky dry mouth I said, “No, please don’t Jean, please don’t take it off, please.
” And she didn’t, bless her, she let it slip back down over her face, and she sat down next to me and put her hand on my arm.
“Well alright Peter, but this is very strange.

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I can’t sit here like this all day, if your mum comes home she’ll think there’s a burglar.
” It was such a weak joke, but I’m sure she only said it to defuse the situation.
Mum had only been gone an hour or so anyway, she wasn’t back till late in the afternoon. Granny cam in logstor.
Jean looked down and noticed my dressing gown twitching at the front, and my smooth slim pink cock popped out embarrassingly.
“Oh Peter, you naughty boy,” she teased, “This was just my silly joke, just a joke to show we’re still friends, but look at what it’s doing to you!” I started to cry, tears of pent up frustration and embarrassment ran down my cheeks, but Jean just squeezed my arm tighter and said “I’m confused now, why are you crying?

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Is it just my boots? Or do you want to do something else with my feet, or do you just want to sit with me like this?” “Jean, please leave the stocking on, can I just kiss your feet and smell them.
” And she laughed, but not in a mocking way, “Is that it, just smell my feet? Male facetime sex chat service.

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