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“I’ll do it,” he pleaded.
“Too late,” she replied as she efficiently bared him from the waist down.
Again, Ed suddenly found himself face down over her lap, but this time he was naked from waist to ankles and his bare bottom was propped up over her lap and awaiting her attention. Sweetmariya canada girl livewebcam.

SLAP! SPANK! SWAT! Her hand rose and fell with more force than before.
Whether it was force felt because his bottom was bare or whether it was because she was spanking harder, Ed did not know.
What he did know is that this part of his spanking was really stinging him! Adult dating agency. Her hand swatted and spanked all across his bottom and it twitched and squirmed to her very great amusement.

She smiled even though she was working hard as his bottom turned a nice deep pink color.
The sounds of her swats echoed in her ears and her mind and the gyrations from Ed were more convincing than before. Nikkiloren free sex chat cams 18 years old.
Phyllis was sure he was feeling these swats.
“Up you go,” she announced as she pushed him off her lap.
He stood awkwardly, rubbing his bottom and watched her point to a far corner.

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