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I gave it the next day’s date and ran off a couple of copies on the printer and had them stuck on the insides of the outer doors.
I was tired when I got home and found it empty.
I knew Christiana would be away till Friday night and I was just pouring myself out a drink when I heard Miki’s motor bike arrive outside. How to ask a guy about his feelings naked pictures 2018.
I therefore poured out another one for him and put it in his hand as soon as he came inside.
He took the glass and kissed me on the lips first before taking a sip.
‘How was your first day? Mine has turned out well. Piss and shit movies.
I’m to start at the hospital here next Monday.
Robert helped in that and he even gave me a kiss in the men’s shower room he was so delighted for me.
’ ‘Is that all you did in there?’ I asked.
‘What else apart from a shower and use the toilet?’ ‘You’d be surprised,’ I said drily.

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‘But that is very good news indeed.
Cheers,’ I said as I raised my glass and drank.
Tired as I was, our sex that night was slow but it was a catharsis for me.
That thirty minute talk next morning wasn’t really enough but I said what I wanted and that they’d better make sure that they saw that the customer came first in all things. Community net dating site in fiji friends.
I even gave Maureen a telling off in front of the others for coming in three minutes after nine.
I spent the rest of the day going through the filing cabinets, reading every piece of paper and found a curious anomaly.

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Shops like ours were always closed on Sunday and because we were open six days a week, Monday was the prerogative right of the manager to have that day off.
The assistant manager usually took the Wednesday as his second day off. Free chat with women like sex with men.
Now to be fair to all the staff, a rota was drawn up that every three months, they changed their day off, because it wouldn’t have been fair on the others who worked on the Friday for this day, especially from late afternoon could be as busy as a Saturday when we all worked. Sexo dating in mexico.
I noted that two of the staff always had the Wednesday off with the Assistant manager, the rest did the usual change round except these two.
When I queried this with Cedric, for it was his job to update the days off rota, explained that it had been approved by the previous manager because the two men, Phillips and Stoneman always went fishing together. Auto show cutie needs companion.

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