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His hands can mark and sting me.
Yet, always, His hands fiercely protect me.
She is my canvas; perfect, unblemished Lovingly stretched across a delicate frame I am drawn, as a moth to flame, to the lust of the beautiful, dark urgency raging within her I will forever soothe that need with harsh, potent strokes she is My whore, My slut, My dirty little girl she is all I ever wanted “Kneel,” I growl she drops without qualm My flesh is alive with want and desire. Hotxgeisha sex cams free no sign up.
Only He can calm the needs I cannot quiet for I know with every stroke I will be satiated.
His hunger Driving each thrust deeper.

Gripping the sheets I give all to my Master Calling His name as I forget my own My heart soars with each utterance of “Good girl” She begs aching, for the kiss of My fine leather. Gay dating pay.
Sweet stinging lashes warming her soul, slowly heating intimate places.
There her sweet nectar lays in wait Flowing; gushing from deep within into my waiting, thirsty mouth she feeds me, as I consume her. Culiando delante de mi esposo en hotel en bogota col 2.
Patiently I kneel in wait soothed by the rhythm of my racing heart, knowing he is ready to lay claim again.
I wait for the one, my Master, knowing now I was born to be taken as His.

In His possession I am Finally free. Rallina live xxx sex chat canada.
Deana spent the weekend listening to her mother drone on about one dull thing after another.
Half-listening, actually, since her thoughts were on her exciting fuck with the young intern, Cliff.
‘You’re nothing but a pious pile of shit, Mother,’ she thought, after a particularly drawn out tirade against the morals of the younger generation. Teenage boy older woman porn.

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