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She was embarrassed.
Riley was a general practitioner and had not practiced any gynecology beyond his medical schooling.
He contemplated how to handle this.
He’d never touched a patient inappropriately before, and he’d never cheated on his wife. Tattooed yellow suck cock and pissing.
Alone in his office now, with a barely-dressed 17 year old girl, he absently wondered why Lorelai had taken the liberty of changing into a paper gown.

“May I examine the area that’s bothering you?” he heard himself say. Sex chat with pics.
Riley watched as the girl lay back and bent her knees, bringing her feet up to the table.
As he pulled his stool closer, Lorelai tentatively spread her knees, lifted the edge of her crinkled paper gown, and her sweet pussy was revealed to him.

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She was smooth like a peach, surprisingly waxed bare.
His gaze glanced up at her face, unable to hide the flicker of surprise.
She wore a somewhat embarrassed expression.
“For swimming,” she said.
“It’s easier to wax. Sex og chat amsderdam.
” “Of course,” he responded, and pretended this was a routine way for him to examine his teenage patients.

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