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I really couldn’t move, nor did I want to.
I just wanted to be fucked by this man and cum on his cock as he pounded my pussy harder.
His face contorted and I could tell he was close.
He panted and moaned, thrusting faster as I used my Kegel muscles to squeeze his cock. Bondage needle torture.
He pulled out and shot rope after rope of hot, sticky cum on my stomach, breasts, and legs bringing me to my own orgasm as well.
The air was heavy with the aroma of our combined orgasms.
He pumped until his cock was drained and began to soften. Free guy sexcam and texting.
Then he sat back, placed my feet in the cool water, making me shiver, and washed the cum off my body.
He even slid his fingers into my pussy and took a taste.
He smiled and said, “I knew your feet would be amazing, but now I can taste your pussy is as well.

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” “Thanks,” I said, struggling to sit up again.
Once I was clean and dry, I got dressed.
Cagaha fixed his pants and returned to his desk.
I grabbed my purse and began to leave when he said, “Don’t forget your money, Pretty Feet. Sexy very hot female.
” I paused.
I knew I needed the money, but I couldn’t help but feel like a whore.
I swallowed my pride and stepped over to the desk, only now there were three stacks.
“What’s this?” “A bonus for making me cum the way you did. Pretty wife blowjob.
” I bit my lower lip, then grabbed the three stacks of cash, shoved them into my purse, mumbled, “Thank you,” and ran for the door.
I’m sure he said something, but I was too busy running.

The salon was empty, the door was locked, and it was dark outside. Throat fuck throat bulge.
I looked around and realized the door was a double key.
Cagaha stepped out, gave me a kind smile, and said as he unlocked the door, “In case you didn’t hear me, I said you were welcome and I hope we can do business again soon. Eroticplaycpl send naked pics for free and chat.
” He opened the door and the cool night air coated my skin.
There was a freshness surrounding me as I fumbled with my keys and unlocked my car.
I noticed Mr.
Cagaha watched until I drove away.
I was convinced I was going to get caught with all this money in my purse, but that never happened. Wimborne minster ohio women look to text man.
I arrived home, to my nearly empty apartment, hid the money, and cried.

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