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He pulled off so Emily could see my spurts shoot into his mouth.
“Don’t swallow it, Johnny, don’t swallow it.
” I filled his mouth with cum as Emily bounced on my face.
“Yes, oh yes.
aaaaaah, yes.
” She was cumming and she was drowning me, too. Chilloutalise vediosex.
She leaned forward and I heard her kissing John as they passed my cum between each other.

At last, she rolled off my face with a deep groan.
“Oh, that was good,” I said, “that was as good as it gets.
” I lay there limp.
“Fuck me, Johnny. Ang pagdating ni magellan sa mactan.
Fuck me hard.
” She lay on her back and spread her legs wide holding her thighs.
John got between them and plunged his dick into her.
I did something I’d been waiting to do.

I kneeled over her head and slid my wet dick between her massive tits. Jennagold sex chat on online.
She was moaning again.
I did this for a couple of minutes and then moved over to lick and suck on a nipple.
John was pounding her and I moved lower again.
Eventually, he leaned back and let me lick her clit and his sliding cock at the same time. Amazingsexcpl pron of girls.
This put him way over the edge and he began to cum inside her.