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I shuddered and gripped her hand, apart from a monument commemorating the battle and a little gift shop, which was closed, there was nothing to see and I was bored stiff with it.
I wanted to be back at our cosy little cottage with Sammy in my arms, but the teacher insisted on asking a million questions about the battle of Bosworth Field and it late afternoon before we arrived back at the school. Horny talk smithfield.
I thought I’d seen the last of the terrible Norman but as we got off the bus he whispered.
“I say Tammy, would you like to go for a stroll around the village after lunch, I could show you the sights old gal?” He must have thought that’s how our sort of people were expected to speak, or perhaps his family really did talk like that, I just though he sounded bloody ridiculous, but remembering that Repton kids were supposed to be polite at all times, I declined his invitation and resisted the urge to shudder.

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I hadn’t realised how hungry I was until food was put in front of us, I wolfed it down and even went back for more.
Thankfully we’ve moved on since the days of Oliver Twist, so I wasn’t ridiculed or thrashed.
“Don’t you want seconds Sammy?” but she giggled and said quietly that she was thirsty.
“Well, have a glass of.
, oh.
” I saw the coy way she was looking at me from under her eye-lids, she smiled and there was a sudden wetness in my knickers as I realised what she meant.
“Well we’d better go then, hadn’t we?” Her shy smile sent more juices down into my already wet knickers as she put her hand in mine and we walked back to our cottage.
“Let me put another sexy outfit on for you,” she said as we kissed lingeringly behind the door.
“I like the way you look at me, it makes me so wet.
” “It makes me wet too Sammy,” and to prove my point, I took her hand and put it under my skirt, she did the rest and slipped her fingers into my knickers.

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To tease her, I dribbled a few drops over her hand and she moaned.
“Oh don’t Tammy, save it for me please.
” “Ok, but hurry up, I’m horny for you.
” We kissed again lingeringly and she went upstairs flashing her sexy little bottom at me and giggling whilst I poured out our drinks, and wondered what mummy and daddy would say about me if they knew what I was going to do in the next few minutes. Self consolidating concrete for precast prestressed concrete bridge elements.

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