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“Nu Wa is a powerful goddess, and she’s not the only one who has it in for you.
Don’t go gift wrapping trouble.
” “I didn’t know you cared.
” “Me neither.
As long as I found you, I could use some help.
Tlazolteotl is back in town, and you can imagine the trouble it’s causing. Nsa sex in cheyenne now.
Even Ishtar says she’s out of control.

Everyone else agrees that the best thing to do…” Eros nodded along, but he wasn’t paying attention.
Mia and Andrew were still talking, but he’d stopped paying attention to them either. Orgy sex porn.
All he was thinking about now was the thing sitting on the next table.
It was nothing special—garbage, really.
But as soon as he saw it, he knew it was the answer to all of his problems.

It was a wine cork. Pussy boksburg.
The vineyard of the Wine God isn’t hard to find (although finding your way out is another matter altogether).
The place hadn‘t changed since the last time Eros was here: green fields, shade, dancing women dressed in fawn skins. Mexican men dating.
It wasn’t like an earthly vineyard, with plants in straight rows.
Constantly inebriated satyrs lolled and sang drunken ballads on the far hills.

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