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Finally, Mike spoke up for the first time.
“Careful,” he stated.
“I’m, uh, getting.
” Dawn pulled off of his cock and looked him in the eye.
“Good,” she replied in a husky voice.
“Give it to me.
” Holy.
Shit. Squirting split screen.
She resumed her sucking, and Mike started breathing really heavily.
Soon, both of his huge hands were on the back of my girlfriend’s head, clutching her brown hair as she sucked away.

It wasn’t long after that he made a choking noise and went stiff, and when he did, she moaned deeply, soulfully. Pussy lick.
Her hot pussy spasmed around my erection – I could literally feel it clutch and release, clutch and release – and her already copious lubrication increased dramatically.

I had all I could take, and no more than three or four strokes into her climax, I pulled out and shot my own cum across her upturned buttocks and onto the small of her back. Nastysha free online 2 way sex.
I will never in my life forget the sound of that moan as she greedily swallowed his spunk.
It was more than the orgasm triggered by those bursts of semen inside her mouth – it was the wanton need conveyed as that orgasm crashed over her. Rsd dating sites.

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