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” Amy and Emma glanced at each other feeling satisfied that they were going to get the revenge that they demanded.
Earlier that day, Emma and Amy had just finished a workout at the college gym and were in the showers. Positive singles.
They hadn’t been aware they were being ogled, but when Miss Brown accidentally coughed, they realised that their sixty-year-old teacher was spying on them as they stood naked in the shower.
Both girls confronted Miss Brown, even though still naked and the teacher was fully dressed. Arrive nudist camp.
Amy had threatened, “We should really report you to the headmistress and to the governors.
“ Miss Brown / Dale had pleaded, “Please, girls, don’t do that as I will get the sack.
I will do anything else that you demand. Skyper live no sign ups totally free chat about sex.

” Emma had suggested, “Well, I think that you certainly deserve to be caned, just like we would be if sent to the headmistress.
However, that is hardly enough given your position as a teacher.
It really needs to teach a lesson, and the best way will be for you to be disciplined in front of several of your own friends. Regular expression for validating date javascript.
Therefore, you will go home after college is finished, and we will come to your house one hour later.
Unless you have at least four friends your own age in the house we will report you to the headmistress and governors. Free sex hook up in slc with no credit card.
Your friends will witness us spanking and caning you as your punishment.

Just be very aware that if they are not there then we will report you and get you sacked.
” Dale knew she had done wrong, as, indeed, she had done so on so many earlier occasions when she hadn’t been caught. Star wars porn aayla secura.
She knew that she was getting over a chesty cough, but as she hadn’t spied on any naked college girls for about three weeks, she was anxious to do so again so that she could give herself the wonderful orgasms that she always did after a spying session. Femdom wife black cock.
After all, she thought there was nothing better than spying on eighteen-year-old college girls as they showered, looking at their pert breasts and kissable breasts and hair mounds.
Even so, Dale hated the thought of being punished in front of her book club friends but knew that that would at least be better than having a complaint made against her to the headmistress and the governors as that would no doubt lead to the sack. Scuba singles dating.

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