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Replicating large doses of oxytocin, they had to restrain several of the crew, but they responded well to treatment.
Other than a very bad case of social awkwardness and embarrassment; there were no serious repercussions. Hot and horny women salem oregon.
Dalton was still badly shook up and felt deeply ashamed.
Clear of the virus, they put him into Cryo to sleep it off.
Subjecting the ship to a fully programmed F-TOM deep clean, they assigned themselves to new work orders with the recovered crew. Foot her slave suck.
They set to work disseminating the UN report and also a forensic trawl through the science research and logs of the Excalibur.
They met in the bridge, a decision had to be made.
“So? What we are proposing is a violation of several UN resolutions on terraforming protocols,” said Captain Thomson.

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As bio-specialist, Astrid went first, “We have the full report on the disappearance of the Thorne.
Essentially, it was a cover-up.
Suffering the same kind of crippling shame as Dalton, a rescue mission brought the crew home and dispersed them throughout the Corps. Nude cell phone pictures movies.
New identities, memory erasures, thankfully there were no ill effects and it seems they lived full productive lives.
” “Well, I guess that’s something.
Why wait until now before going back?” asked the Captain. Bermyn cam live chat c2c men naked.
“They knew they needed to genetically engineer the virus to put it to profitable use.
Simply put, they did not have the ability for such a complex virus.
New advances in gene splicing and manipulation brought them back. Gaping stretched pee hole.
However, it seems that the specialists on the Excalibur were not as knowledgeable as they hoped for.

” “Lucky for us all,” answered the Captain.
“The orchestrated subterfuge of the UN over three hundred years. Best free random cam sex chat.
The organised attempt and material threat to bring the virus to Earth.
This presents a substantial risk to billions of people all in the name of profit.
How is our solution to this dreadful problem progressing?” Astrid smiled happily, “We’ve established a gene adaption to the virus. Sex tarot lady monroe.
It’s a minor and simple modification, enough to stop it passing into the human genus.
We tested it on the surface, it worked.
” “And the distribution system?” “We have ten thousand litres of the liquid enzyme, we’ve been running the replicators twenty-hours a day. Brooke banner nude porn.
The robotic probes will aerosol this, full coverage of the planet will be achieved in a hundred or so Sol hours.

Full mutation over several months maybe a Sol year, any pollen will also carry the modification so it will cross-breed with other plants. Gay lesbian male.
” “So we are agreed?” asked the Captain.
Everyone nodded, it was unanimous.
“Computer, program Zulu-Echo.
Authorisation Thomson, nine-five-four-four-one.
” “Acknowledged.
Zulu-Echo executing.
” Watching from the large windows of the bridge, scores of probes flooded from the ship. Teen girl jerking handjobs.
Every single probe carried hundreds of litres of enzyme.
In stunned silence they watched as they caught the light, each one drawing a brilliant white vapour trail as they entered the atmosphere.
“Contact, deployment underway. Executive order mandating lifestyle behavior.
Scanners report chemical signature in grid one, 280 parts per million and stable.

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