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I’ve wanted to touch you, to kiss you, to suck your cock and fuck you since we started working together,” he continued.
“Why didn’t you ever take me in the office?” I asked.
“We both worked late together more than once. Dating simulator adventure.
I could have sucked you at your desk.
You could have fucked me on the conference table.

Oh Matt, why didn’t you?” I moaned and as imagery of what I had just asked began to play in my mind.
“I never thought you would have,” he replied. Free handjob movie sites.
“Look at us now.
I’m in your house and you’re fucking me! You’re fucking me and I’m loving it!” I actually squealed! The physical feeling of penetration was beginning to overwhelm me.
Pleasure centers I didn’t even know I had were being stimulated, my cock was fully engorged and dripping a continuous flow of warm sticky semen, when suddenly I realized that I was again at orgasm’s door.

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Being made to cum and without even touching my cock, the feeling of being fucked in my ass alone was enough to induce me into ejaculation.
I was incredulous! How can this be?

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