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Upon arrival, we were informed our check-in was already taken care of, and we were to go immediately to the Spa for complimentary full-body massages.
We were directed to a changing area to get undressed. Nsa sex chat in kimberly united states.
The massage facilities were outside with thin veiled curtains dividing the individual massage tables.
Melissa and I had adjoining tables.
The curtains were sheer and allowed some ability to see thru.
I could see a tall very dark Jamaican place her on the table. Sugar babies.
And like me, she was totally nude.
The thought of that black man putting his hands on her naked body had my four and one-half inch cock rock hard.

Then I heard, “Hey Mon, time for you to get full erotic body massage. Best japanese orgy vid.
” Strangely it was a man’s voice.
I had expected a female, but alas it was not to be.
It was again, a very tall and very black Jamaican man.
When the masseur began his massage, I was surprisingly calmed and was enjoying it. Speed dating uk.
His hands were working magic on my body.
I was in a virtual trance and thoroughly enjoying the experience when I heard a familiar whimper.
I knew instantly it was Melissa.
Looking to my left, I saw the veiled outline of the very black Jamaican on top of Melissa pumping her pussy, with what I’m sure is a very big cock.

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Melissa was multi-orgasmic and would whimper like a cat when in the throes of orgasms.
“Hey Mon, like what you see and hear, white missy getting fucked good by big Jamaican cock?” he asked.
I opened my mouth to speak, but a big black cock was quickly inserted. Dating means boyfriend girlfriend.
Gagging and choking, I could not speak.

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