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It was on the third or fourth day of physicals, that I got the news that explained everything weird that had happened to me.
Because I was Zylen’s mate, I was required to see Rhys to prevent my passing my physical when I shouldn’t. Jaguarbabe chat porno sexse rooms.
Vlad said he would do this with any crew member and I wasn’t surprised.
I begged Rhys to let me tell Zylen what we learned, and he agreed.
I knew we were going to have dinner at his parents’ house that night so I kept my newly learned information to myself. Humour and sex you tube.
The hard part was not letting Zyana touch me.
Just keeping it from Zylen was hard enough, but since he was tied up with physicals, it wasn’t that difficult and mine was Rhys’s last one for the day.
That night at dinner, Uri asked Zylen, “When are you kids scheduled to leave?” “Not sure,” he said. Real big boobs videos.
“There have been some delays already.
I can’t get any answers but the rumor is a few key crew members have failed their physicals.
What’s weird is none of the crew I’ve seen have been the failures.

I think Rhys is being a bit too strict. Kissing dick blowjob.
I’ll probably have to talk with Vlad again.
” I bit my lower lip.
I was one of those failures Rhys had, and knew neither my status nor Rhys’s decision about my failure was going to change any time soon.
“And what have you heard Zyana?” asked Dax. Glory hole tumblr.
“It’s odd.
We have mostly the same crew and they all knew this trip was coming.
Now I know two of our engineers have a mate with child, but that was learned after we left so we knew we were losing them.
I only see crew members who have passed so I don’t know who has failed yet. Free ebony porn download.
Zy and Rhys take so dang long it’s about a day or two later before I see them.
” “That’s too bad,” said Kizzy.
“My fuel was to be tested on this journey.
” Now I wanted to cry.
I knew I was grounded, but if Zylen and Zyana wanted to go without me to test Kizzy’s fuel that was to be tested, it was fine with me. Andersen gabrych naked.

Like before, Luna’s meal was perfect, but this time I picked at my food as everyone talked.
My stomach clenched at the thought of what my news might bring.
I stared to think I had made a mistake about not telling Zylen sooner. Cowpers fluid sperm.
“Phoebe,” said Luna, snapping me out of my thoughts, “is the food not to your liking?” I shook my head.
“It’s not that.
” “What is it child?” asked Luna.
I could hear the concern in her voice.
“Are you not well?” “I’m one of the grounded crew members,” I said. Best free bisexual bareback movies.
“What?” exclaimed Zylen.
“Why?” asked Zyana.
I swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and said softly, “Because… I… I’m… I’m pregnant.
” The silence was deafening.
I began to tremble.
Tears escaped my eyes.

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