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Teasing her in this way was making him sweat, he wanted to close the distance and feel the meat of her sex envelope him entirely.
Instead, he sucked on a finger and leaned in to trace around one nipple, which rose to attention instantly. Cum in helmet.
Lisa smiled in please and grabbed at his big hand.
She raised his forefinger to her lips and went about administering the same treatment she had lavished on his penis minutes before.
Just barely inside her and holding his position, Lisa felt his manhood twitch. Niceboy5000 nudist chat.
Knowing she drove him crazy was added incentive as she continued her tortuous sucking and cajoling.

Andy couldn’t stand the tension a moment longer, his cock began to bury itself agonisingly slowly into her depths. Nr1liveshow xxx usa.
Once inside, Lisa squeaked in pleasure and he stroked for the first time, breaking the spell.
Lisa writhed and moaned, going mad for it.
Andy stroked once more and his fingered were treated to a sexy suckle, she made her satisfied noises onto them and he took another stroke, holding her thighs this time to achieve maximum depth. Amateur master baters.
Lisa cried out, his hand leaving the warmth of her lips, forgotten as she revelled in the pleasure of finally feeling him fill her.

Andy was rising to the challenge beginning to expertly fuck her as she had planned. Satin cowgirl.
They made a rhythm together, Lisa made sure to clench and unclench her pussy muscles and the beads of sweat on Andy’s forehead told her he was struggling to maintain control.
Registering this, she pushed at his chest and despite being almost at the point of no return herself, clambered up. Take mix sioux city girl naked.

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