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“Hold on, you’ll see in a minute,” I tell you and get off the bed and lean down to grab your hand.
You have a curious expression on your face and I lead you to the bathroom.
“What do you have up your sleeve my dirty girl?” you ask and I just continue to grin and say, “You’ll seeeeeeeee. Boob work out machine.

” I was close to you for so long and it was only through words at first, and to know I’m forever punctured by something not made of skin or steel, to be torn from different wombs and always feel that you never entirely left its fleshy darkness. Pixel base chubby.
It was something in your every shadow that reached to touch me the most.
I don’t care what that says about me.
I’ll meet you in that nocturnal meadow one day.

We don’t have to name it yet.
And what we have may culminate with rainbowed tulips in your hands while we watch sudden explosions drizzle tremulous lights across summer skies. Rate pictures meet people personals online dating picvotes.
And with the deepest embrace in which it’s proven that men spend their entire lives just seeking to return to the absolute pure sanctuary inside as you wonder if these electrified cells map what you’ve always sought or if it’s merely nerves writhing in temporary fire. Usaf cunt cap.

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