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“Just ring him back and get back in here with me,” he said as he hit the off button and the burbling waters stilled.
“Fuck you!” I almost shouted.
“Tanya, calm down, he’ll never know.
” This I believe was meant to be re-assuring, but to me it wasn’t. Adds for sex com in reading.
“What? How can you be so fucking calm?

You’re married too! It’s not your wife on the phone!” “Just ring him back and get back here.
” This was a moment of realisation for me.
To Dale, I wasn’t a person.
I was a merely a piece of female meat. Femdom owk art.
Someone to use, for his pleasure.
Someone I had given my body to, far too easily.
Someone, whom despite his initial compassionate and good humoured nature wasn’t interested in anyone but himself.

How could I be so stupid? Swinger club 28387. my brain asked itself.
With that self-questioning, the affair was over.
I stood there, drying my nude body.
Only wanting to get to my phone to ring Andrew.
I pictured what might be happening at home.
Perhaps Nina might be ill? Nude women perce. My ill father might be back in hospital? A myriad of tortures went through my mind.

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