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I lay down and started massaging my tits, pinching the hard; erect nipples, moaning slightly; all of which felt so good.
Nibbling on my lower lip, I slid one hand flat down my front parting my slick cunt lips, shifting my damp body so my knees were bent, giving me good leverage to slide my hands over those sensitive areas. Big sexy women with big boobs and asses.
The cool air not exactly welcomed, but when I lay back on the bed, after shutting my door spreading my legs, it felt amazing on my hot cunt.
Fingers found my clit as I slowly worked it in circles, making my body tense. Gay puerto rico hotels.
Oh, that felt wonderful! I would rub softly over my hardening clit while grinding against it, pushing two fingers into my awaiting virgin cunt.
Oh my god, I had been waiting for this for two whole weeks.

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My fingers slid in rubbing against my g-spot, enough to keep the stimulation.
Soon though, this was not enough.
I found myself needing more.
Standing up and making a dash back to the bathroom, I grabbed my electric razor; sliding off the razor head, I walked back to my room turned it on, watching it buzz across my bed. Sammi and libby bisexual sisters uk.
I had never tried something like this.
I had never even shoved anything other than two fingers into my cunt before.
Taking a little bit of baby oil, smoothing it over the soft vibrating tip, I pushed it gently against my clit just started, feeling it buzz on the already sensitive nub. Bisexual club tampa.
I moaned out, probably a bit too loud, as I found myself thanking the lord that I was home alone right then.
I rubbed it in circles, faster and faster, bringing myself dangerously close to that orgasm, which I so desperately needed.

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My cunt was soaking wet, throbbing, begging for more! It was about a minute or two of nothing before I shoved the tip of my razor handle into my awaiting cunt, feeling it vibrates.
Oh god, it felt so wonderful. Teen girl after shower.
I was living in sheer ecstasy at that very moment! While shoving it in and out slowly, before shoving it all the way in, and crying out in pleasure.
I gripped my sheets, my hips starting to buck, feeling the vibrating razor as it hit my g-spot. Sri lanka women xxx porno.
This brought me to a shaking orgasm, my body writhing around as cum poured out onto my towel, oozing out all around my vibrating razor.
I pulled it out slowly, causing me to have one loud moan as it finally exited my tight cunt. Chubby freak pics.

Lying back down on my bed, I smirked to myself, rubbing my wet legs together and biting my lower lip.
I smiled, getting back up making my way to the shower to wash off, coming back, then getting dressed right as my mother walks in the front door. Facetime naked.
My alone time had ended… Mom said, “Hey Jessica, you just getting up?” “Yeah mom, long night,” I lied.
Later that day, after almost getting caught by mom earlier, I thought about it; this had gotten me extremely riled up. No married women looking for cock needed.
Now however, people were once again starting to come in! I could not just masturbate with all these people around.
I knew I was very loud while masturbating.
I knew better than to give it a whirl while people were all around. Chatwithnaughtygirls.
I stepped out of the kitchen going to the den (located in the basement).

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