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I nudged at her shoulder; she groaned but didn’t wake up.
Whispering in case someone was listening I lowered myself near her ear “Sally, wake up baby…come on, wake up, we may be able to get out of here…” She was still out of it from whatever drug the two had pumped into the cars rear compartment, though I thought I remembered the scent of ether from when I had my tonsils out years ago; her breathing sounded smooth as if she was just asleep, her chest…. Dating femme europe de l est.
oh what a chest…rose and fell so smoothly I was tempted to touch and shook off the urge.
I listened to her breaths in…out….

out; smooth and rhythmic and with each one her huge tits welled up beneath the halter top…temptation got the best of me as my fingers untied the knot binding it and pulled it open to reveal her push up bra beneath. Erotic puppy stories.
‘In for a pint…in for a pound’ my dad had always said as I pulled the straps off of her shoulders and revealed the wonders of her breasts…soft…smooth….
faint pink areolas with textured nipples relaxed and supple. 100 percent current email search dating sites.
Her breaths stayed calm and even as I gazed upon the perfection so close, my mouth watered as my mind went to overload and lowered it to her breast, a lick over the faint pink and a little suction on the nipple, she was going to have sex with me anyway I justified in my stupor.

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I heard her breath suck in as my lips surrounded the wondrous texture and laved it with my tongue.
I rose up and looked to her face, still peacefully asleep, my eyes swept down along her body, her bare midriff as finely muscled as I had imagined it would be, the white shorts still covered the prize that would have been mine. Best free random cam sex chat.

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