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“Early start for me tomorrow,” I said, standing up.
As I edged past Riley, I pretended to overbalance towards the table and then, over-correcting, I tipped backwards, waving my arms and then fell directly into his lap to the raucous amusement of everyone at the table. Updating a row in a gridview.
“Oh, my hero,” I laughed, leaning sideways and kissing him on the cheek; making sure he had an excellent view down my top.
“I think I’m falling for you, Riley.
” Everyone dutifully giggled at my wit as I struggled out of his lap, allowing my car keys to jingle so that there could be no mistake that I intended to drive in my drunken state. Philippines hot porn girls.
“You’re not driving home, are you Alex?” Riley asked with a frown.
“I’m fine,” I dismissed him with felt like a carefree, inebriated wave.

“You can’t get drunk on Bloody Marys,” I smiled lopsidedly with sage wisdom. Find leggett ca swingers sex milfs galleries swinger couples seeking sex.
“The Worcestershire Sauce neutralizes the alcohol.
” I winked at him.
“Well, I don’t think the science on that one is quite final,” Riley smiled.
“I was just about to leave anyway; I’ll give you a ride.
” Bingo! U must need more. “Don’t be ridiculous!” I said with an over-expressive wave, which had me wobbling on my heels again.
“I’m fine.
” “It wasn’t an offer, Alex,” he said.
“As of now it’s a condition of your employment.
” “Oh, well,” I smiled. Femdom whipping men.
“Since you put it that way…” I held out a hand for him and although he took it politely, he didn’t use it to help himself up; probably figuring I would finish up in his lap again.

That was wise on his part; I felt a little electric pulse of excitement at his touch and dropping back into his lap felt like a distinct possibility. Chyna sex tape stream.
“Bye, everyone,” I waved with my free hand.
I wondered if I was overdoing it; I didn’t actually want everyone to think I was fucking Riley, I just wanted him to realise that they would believe my story when I blackmailed him into telling me The Winsome Widow’s secrets. Megatitsxxx nude webcam girls without sign up.
When we got to Riley’s car – something sleek and dark and German – he held the door open for me and I felt a little pang of guilt.
He was a wonderful man; I could tell by the way he made me feel that fucking him would actually be my pleasure, but then I would have to use that against him. Local horny women in ban ai yoe boe chang.

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