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I figure I can tell as much from her choice of topic as I can from her lists.
I also ask Karen not to give any photos of me or my last name to Toni.
I have an inkling of a plan and it requires her to not know my name or face when we first meet in person.
————————————————————————————- When Toni first tells me this matchmaking plan that she cooked up with her coworker, I think she must be crazy.

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Noteman really pissed me off at first, but I got over that.
That didn’t mean I wanted to meet a guy that I had obviously made such a bad first impression on.
What he said was obviously true, but I never knew I was auditioning as I sat there in a cafe.

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Toni pointed out that there weren’t many other places I would meet a guy.
And now I have a link to him with two go-betweens.
I wish that I knew what he looked like, but the fact that he seemed to be trying to help me with his note and get to know me with his is enough to intrigue me. Chart bands amateur.
I fill out my list of books and authors.

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