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“Put him down, Bernie.
He isn’t yours” Chris called out from the doorway.
Chris had locked the front door once he had served the customer and let him out of the shop.
He disappeared for a minute as Bernie felt me up then came out of a small door at the side of the shop carrying a tray with tea, milk and sugar on it.
“Tea ’ s up ” He said as he started to pour hot water into NaughtyNess branded teacups. Mr_mrs_white xxxfree chat.
The tea was a nice touch and put me totally at ease with my new friends.
A reality check told me that I was sat in a sex shop with two people who I had never met before, wearing clothes that I would probably be arrested for wearing if I’d walked fifteen yards, gone through the door and onto the street! Looking for love for fun in higuey. I was living out a teenage wank fantasy, and loving every minute of it.

The tea break also gave Chris and Bernie a chance to tell me a little about themselves and their respective roles in the network. Toddler anal galleries.
Chris was bisexual and a long standing member and organizer, he gladly provided anything from his shop when required.
He had first met Bernie at a swingers party, like him she was bisexual, they were married within 4 months of their first meeting. Sex slut in hadera.
Bernie was happy for Chris to be involved with the network and she often borrowed network boys for her ladies night parties that were linked to their shop franchise.
The boys would model the male gear that she had for sale, and then end the evening with a strip show, or anything else that was required of them. All online dating sites 4 singles.
Chris had lost his job as a planner at a local factory but got a very good redundancy deal.
It had been Bernie who first saw the advertisement for NaughtyNess franchises in the area and they went in for one using the redundancy cash.
“Best thing we ever did ” Said Bernie, “ We both had boring jobs, now we run a sex shop.

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You simply can ’ t beat that honey, can you? ” She smiled wickedly at me over her teacup.
It turned out that they knew quite a bit about me, Eddie had filled them in about how I first got involved with him. Erotic hypnosis panties.
Bernie loved the streaking story and went into the naughty, giggly way of speaking that I liked so much.
“That must have been so exciting, whenever me and the girls need a streaker I know who to ask ” Chris interrupted and started to clear up the cups, he clapped his hands like a schoolteacher.
“Now, Pauly. Long does take dating turn into relationship.

How about a bit of practice?” He said to me.
“You are gonna be very busy on Thursday night, you can start by carrying that tray with one hand.
Take it over to Bernie, hold it about shoulder height with your hand fully underneath the tray, and make sure to wiggle that ass when you walk. Young redhair gay.
” I was just about to try, but he wasn’t finished.
“Then, bend over in front of her, give her a nice smile , make eye contact and pretend you are putting a drink on her table “ Bernie had gone to the other side of the shop sitting on a stool taken from the changing room. Florida dd.
I walked over as Chris had told me to, he watched and said that I was doing well.
I bent over in front of Bernie and she took one of the empty cups from the tray, she gave my arse a playful slap and left her hand on the leather of my shorts, stroked me, then slapped me again.
“Honey, the guys are gonna just love you and that butt. Gay male cock sucking.

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