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The moan that escapes her lips this time makes my stomach tighten with sick pleasure.
“Please baby, just let me help you get off,” I say as huskily as I’m capable of, my finger playing with her folds.
I can feel her shaking her head, my mouth at her ear, so I go one step further. Weird anal fetish.
I move to the entrance of her hot cunt, and push my finger inside, finding her very wet.
“Aahhhhh fuck,” Chanel breathes, and a rock starts forming in my pants beneath her ass, thinking about her being horny all day, and how no one but me is allowed to relieve her.
“Come on sweetheart, let me make you cum,” I coax her and turn my finger on her front wall, stroking her g-spot.

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When she groans and thrusts her hips, I know I’m winning.
“Ok,” she finally says, and the instant I hear it, I rip off her shorts and panties in one lithe motion.
My mouth already on hers, I grab her bare, round ass and she straddles me. Stuffed pantyhose ass pics.
I feel her press her heat against my stomach, and turn us to lay her on the couch.
She wraps her arms and legs around me as I kneel on the floor, my chest on top of hers.
Her barely clothed body beneath me is making me thoroughly insane, this is the most I’ve gotten of her in days.

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I’m like a fumbling junkie getting his next fix.
Chanel keeps her hands in my hair as I move lower, nipping at her breasts peeking out of her shirt.
When I reach her toned stomach, I lift her shirt out of my way, licking her there too. Deniska_1994 free webcam sexchat face to face.
She’s already panting heavily, and I grab her legs to hook them over my shoulders, going even lower.

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