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You once noted that there are hints of a dark side gleaming in me, that there is love in each touch, but they are choreographed with caution.
As if restraint must battle instinct, keeping something so quietly caged. The difficulties of two celebs dating.
And I see the gleam in your eyes, skillfully coaxing out what you think is dormant and hungry within.
My dark side has nothing to do with the metallic click of cuffs tightening around wrists, nothing to do with sturdy ropes contouring around skin, or the sting of palms sending electric tingles on and beneath pores. Fish mistakes penis for bait.
My fantasies are not that complicated.
I’ve been waiting to unravel you, section by curious section, revealing the soft skin, the tissue you weave dreams with, ones I can barely describe.
Because words cannot wrap around fire or detail the pull you have over this gravity.

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I’ve always wanted you, the shy smile hinting at untold frenzies beneath, the siren waiting inside enraptured me from the start.
I’ve skimmed along the lethal bloom caused by our unspoken needs, they do not need to be voiced any other way once we collide. Fee sex cam.
You’ll note the dark side in me when I’ve been stripped bare, when I gauge the hunger as fingers pierce and pump between your legs without restraint.
And I’ll see the glint in your eyes when I possess you with a spiraling tongue, coated with the river of nectar that has been summoned from your folds. Tattooed teddybear seeking sweet female.

No swirl or lap is choreographed with any measure of caution, I want to coax out the screams, the cries that have been caged.
My dark side has nothing to do with melted wax falling in molten beads from a candle’s heated tip, I’d rather shake from your tongue as mine is sheathed and squeezed, buried inside your tight slit. Free young threesome.
My fantasies are not that complicated.
I’ve been waiting to enrapture your every dormant craving, sense by curious sense, revealing the way you tense against a smooth wall as I enter clasping flesh that I cannot begin to describe the tightness of. Bdsm injuries and deaths.
Because words do no justice to the way you stretch around me, how your nails rake along me, or detail how we shudder and writhe.

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