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I manoeuvred the fat, aching head of my dick through the opening I had just created, freeing it from the confines of my clothing.
I felt my sticky pre-cum oozing from its swollen tip as I released it from my underwear.
“Oh, are you taking it out?” she sighed.
“I want to see it! Elizabethdating com. Show me that married cock.
” I stood up, never letting her sweet young toes fall from my mouth.
She slowly raised her leg in the air as I stood up, my rock hard dick finally springing free from under the table.
“Fuck!,” she gasped, staring at my erect penis as it bobbed, protruding from my open fly.
“That’s gorgeous! Akron ohio man needs married black wet pussy. I bet wifey loves sucking on that fat dick, doesn’t she?” I smiled in reply, my mouth quick to remould around those succulent teenage toes.
“Mmmm” she responded, still staring at my erection, “you’d give Tommy a run for his money, that’s for sure!” Tommy.

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It took me a moment to recall that Tommy was one of the dildos with which she enjoyed masturbating.
Again I imagined her sliding him in and out of her beautiful, eighteen-year-old cunt, making herself cum over and over again.
“Would you enjoy that,” I asked, my words escaping from between her toes, “watching my wife sucking my dick while I suck on these incredible toes of yours?” She giggled naughtily.
“Only if she didn’t mind watching while you fuck me with that beautiful big dick while you’re sucking my toes.
” The notion thrilled me immensely.
“Take those pants off,” she ordered.
“In fact, take everything off!” In a heartbeat, I undid my belt and unfastened my pants, feeling them fall to the floor along with my underwear.

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My thumbs eagerly undid the buttons on my shirt, which joined the rest of my crumpled clothing under the table.
My shoes were somewhere in the hall, so I stood there wearing nothing but socks.
“I love married men,” she cooed, studying every inch of my naked body.
“Their wives just don’t appreciate how fucking eager they are to please them.
” She slipped her right hand under the waistband of her shorts. Tickling goth.
I watched as she slowly guided her fingers down between her thighs, which she parted slightly, and began to brazenly finger and frig her aroused little pussy.
” she purred, her head rolling back, eyes closed.
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