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JJ was at his grandmother for the weekend.
Kay opened her closet for me to choose anything she had that I could wear while I was there that weekend.
She laughed as we all got undressed, ending up naked, but it seemed likely that we wouldn’t be putting on anything in the way of clothing that weekend and indeed, we spent most of the time nude while we were inside their house. Tiny slut in skirt.
We walked into the living room and Kay lay down on the couch, spreading her legs wide so Jon’s cock, now really erect and hard could be pushed into her wet and luscious smooth shaven pussy, and he fucked her while I sat watching them go at it. Black porn star dynasty styles.
It was too much for me and I fingered myself to an awesome orgasm, edging so I come at the same time as they did.
Kay started squealing in a high, shrill tone, her orgasm reaching its full blossom as Jon shot his load deep inside her wet pussy.

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She continued with her moans of pleasure as his cock continued to twitch and throb inside her.
Slowly he pulled out as his cock softened while still leaking some of its semen.
I began to go down on him cleaning the sticky remains. Missy mae nude.
I sucked him dry and turned my attention to Kay and gave her a good licking to remove the rest of his ejaculate, both in her and on her.
She moaned as I finished her off.
Jon sat between us and put one hand over my wet pussy and the other over Kay’s wet pussy. Mature chinese woman sex.
He began fingering both our pussies at the same time and we both began moaning, squealing and squirming around on his fingers getting wetter and wetter, and very, very turned on, both wanting his rising cock inside our us. Abbeydiamond free por chat.

He turned his attention to me but told Kay that he wanted to fuck me first and then he would give her the attention she so needed.
Thankfully Kay agreed, and said, “Yes, do Amy first.
Fuck her hard and make her squeal and moan. Wants seduction.
I want to see Amy’s face this time as she’s having her orgasm.
” Kay watched me intently as my orgasm hit, hard and strong with Jon’s huge cock doing the job it was designed for deep down inside me.
Jon smiled as he ejaculated his semen inside me as he groaned with his own climax. Young girls being bathed.
Then he said, “Oh thank you Amy, I so needed that one! It feels so good having sex with you, you have such a sweet, young, tight little pussy.
” Kay had been using her vibrator on her clit and fingering her pussy to a massive orgasm while watching Jon getting us both off.

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We were all pretty tired so we all ended up in their king-size bed quite late on Friday evening, or was it early on Saturday morning, even having one more fuck before we all, fell asleep exhausted.
We awoke next morning and I was feeling really quite sticky from all the sex we’d had, so went to take a shower and clean myself up. Sex dating in baldwin michigan.
Kay came in to join me and we started bathing and lathering each other up at which point Jon came in to see if he could be of any assistance.
Seeing both of us all soapy, he said, “I think I’ll slide in-between you two slippery gals and help myself to some more of those sweet sexy pussies. Fuck chat room cedar island.
What d’yall say?” We looked at each other and then at him saying almost in unison, “Well don’t just stand there with the door open, get in here and help yourself!” He got into the shower with us and gave us both a good seeing-to before pulling out and having a massive orgasm, ejaculating and squirting his spunk all over the both of us. Straits girls like lesbian porn.

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