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This was what a case of ‘blue balls’ truly was.
Forget being teased and then sent home with a hard dick, being stopped at the very brink of orgasm was like slamming your balls in a car door.
He now understood why his mom couldn’t stop, and that everything she had just done was to teach him a lesson. Adult voyeur movies homemade.
Tyler was incredibly disappointed because he thought they were done, and as breathing slowed, he was finally able to speak without gasping and said, “I’m sorry, mom, I guess I get it now.
” “I’m glad, honey. Sex cuming burgos.
I just wanted you to have a better understanding of why I couldn’t stop once I reached that point,” Julie replied as she finally released her son’s wrists.

After a few moments of silence, Tyler sheepishly asked, “So now that I’ve learned my lesson, can I, you know… finish?” Julie suddenly realized that Tyler thought she was ending their interlude, and quickly said, “Of course you can, honey. Zlatarubber nude webcam sitefree.
I wanted to teach you a lesson, not torture you.
” “Will you stay here with me?” her son asked, looking once again at her naked breasts.
“I’ll do anything for you, Tyler,” Julie replied, feeling closer to her son than she ever had before.

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As the teenager began reaching for his erect penis to finish what he had started, Julie looked down to see the string of thick sperm that connected the tip of his dick to his body had broken and was now a small pool on her son’s stomach, and she unusually licked her lips. Serbia girls to the front kik.
Then just as he was about to wrap his fist around the shaft and finish what he started, she said, “Honey, wait.

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