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“Last night,” Frankie replied shortly.
“Anything you want to talk about?” Mia asked raising her eyebrows.
“No, everything’s fine.
Did you email Norah?” she asked deflecting Mia’s questions.
Mia knew it maybe wasn’t a good time to quiz her about Kevin if he was just in the next room so she let Frankie away this time.

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“Yeah, I emailed her before I came here.
Said we should have a proper chat when we get back.
” “What about Jesse; heard anything from him?” Mia swallowed nervously but knew that she should be taking full advantage of being with her best friend and to be able to have someone to share her experiences. Granny cam tubes.
“He IM’d me just before I emailed Norah.

He seems well.
” “Anything you want to talk about?” Frankie asked this time mockingly.
“He asked me out.
on a date.
” Mia replied with her eyes down on her plate trying to avoid Frankie’s inquiring stare. Dads good girls.
She knew there would be an interrogation to follow.
Frankie’s eyes were wide with surprise but she was slightly puzzled at the confused expression that was on Mia’s face.

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